Florida Approved Product: FL19076.1-R0 - floridabuilding.org/pr/pr_app_lst.aspx


Our patented block wall system will withstand +211 mph winds, reduces or eliminates mold, has a durable color finished exterior, is drywall ready, and most importantly is less expensive than concrete and traditional wood building methods. The tongue and groove 220lb. blocks, cover three square feet, and use an interlocking system. Our patented blocks have holes on 16″ centers for vertical rebar and a channel for horizontal rebar. Our building system is unique in that it is the only product on the market that has pre-stressed rebar from the footing to the top of the wall.



Our blocks have an R factor of 30 with an R value ranging from 16-22 depending on the type of foam used. The Complete Block Building System is one of the few products on the market that has no thermal bridging. We estimate that our blocks are 40% – 60% more energy efficient than traditional building methods.

It’s not just the insulation, but the thermal mass of 7″ of concrete that can dampen outside changes in temperature.

Our standard block size is 32” long by 1′ tall and 11” wide consisting of 7” of concrete and 4” of ASTM approved foam with metal nailers on the interior. The metal nailers allow sheet rock to be fastened directly to the block.


No, this isn’t a magic trick. This is a Bobcat weighing 12,200 lbs sitting on one of our walls. In 24hrs it only sagged 3/8″.

All our blocks come either with a color stamped exterior or a grooved exterior for stucco or stone type finish. Because of the metal studs the interior is drywall ready.


We make our blocks in a temperature controlled factory. For large commercial projects we can pour our blocks on site. Our block walls are less expensive to build than an ICF type building, have a finished exterior, and a drywall ready interior. Installation is fast and easy using just a clamp and excavator, backhoe, or crane.

Our ASTM approved foam offers a two hour burn time before fumes become toxic. We also offer foam with an Borax additive that repel rodents and pests such as roaches and termites.